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Prisma Desarrollos is currently a company that successfully participates in the construction and service sectors. We are an organization that constantly seeks excellence and achieve sustained growth.

It is a 100% Monterrey company dedicated to construction in general, it is affiliated with the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), we have more than 40 years of experience through two generations.

We are a consolidated organization and we maintain a leadership position in the construction industry in northern Mexico, it is the result of two generations of effort and commitment to quality.

Meeting the needs of our clients have always been our top priority.

We provide construction services of concrete and steel buildings, turnkey industrial buildings, concrete streets, serial housing, highways, bridges, urbanizations, dirt roads with our own machinery, asphalt layer in the plant, application of asphalt layer with specialized machinery. , irrigation applications with oil pumps, asphalt emulsions, special asphalt binders such as micro-binder, black base, application of binder with modified asphalt.

The additional support services with which we can help the client to carry out their work are the following: design, work programming, budget estimates, project management and its implementation.

Prisma Desarrollos is a dynamic organization that contributes to the growth of Mexico through the generation of direct and indirect jobs, with operations supported by advanced technologies. We have built a solid prestige with the development of important projects, both in the public and private sectors, such as housing complexes, bridges, corporate buildings, highways and industrial buildings. Our experience in all branches of construction gives us the ability to provide our clients with an excellent service.

Together, we are building a better tomorrow.


Prisma Desarrollos is a company dedicated to the Construction Industry at a national level.

Its services to the Construction Industry are both in the public and private sectors such as:

Industrial Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Parks and Squares, Educational Centers, Buildings, Vehicular Bridges, Highways, Earthworks and Demolitions, Urbanization, Drainage.


Expand our market leadership and become a leading company in all construction segments through constant improvements in processes and management of our services, to fully meet the expectations of our customers.

Provide a fair return on the investment of our shareholders to ensure the sustained growth of the company through an organization of excellence.

Have and encourage communication with our customers constantly.


TEAM WORK Ability to work as a team contributing the best of each of us by sharing knowledge and generating ideas and solutions to succeed in the goals we set for ourselves.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION Listen and attend to the needs of the Client in a simple and fast way to provide a service that generates loyalty and trust.

COMMUNICATION Respect our existing Policies, Rules and Procedures or create new ones when necessary, with the aim of simplifying the interaction of our activities in an orderly manner to create a better work environment and satisfy the needs of our Clients.

INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT Allow staff to develop the ability to generate ideas about their positions or improvements to company processes in an orderly manner, regardless of hierarchy.